Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko

The Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko County (SANE) is a group of landowners, public land users, and public resource agency specialists who were brought together by their ties to a common use area, to meet common objectives. The Ranchers who belong to SANE operate livestock businesses on more than 1.7 million acres of public and private land, and represent a diverse cross-section of Nevada culture, particularly the ranching industry typical of Elko County. The Biologists and Resource Specialist who belong to SANE formed a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to bring scientific expertise and long-term local knowledge of wildlife populations, wildland fire, range management, ecological conditions, and public land management policy and regulations into the local planning process.
The SANE rancher-driven initiative includes actions to document the desired future conditions for rangeland resources at a landscape scale and on-the-ground projects to minimize habitat-related threats to sagebrush habitat, and sage-grouse in particular within the Plan Area. The SANE ranchers, with the involvement of the TAC, are becoming more conscientious and informed about rangeland health and are concerned about resource conservation and management for natural resources and uses in addition to livestock grazing.

The SANE Plan identifies two primary goals, each with multiple objectives, that are the road map for moving forward:

Socio-Economic Goal: Elevate public awareness of the present and historic interdependence between public and private lands in the West by implementing a management approach for natural resources focused on the reliance between public and private assets as the basis for natural resource conservation, land management, and economic viability of rural ranching communities.

Ecological Goal: Maintain sustainable sagebrush ecosystems to provide habitat (food, shelter, and water) for wildlife and domestic livestock including greater sage-grouse.

Rangeland ecosystems are in a continual state of change driven by natural climatic events, environmental stressors, and by anthropogenic uses. SANE is committed to respond to changing conditions on the landscape by addressing problem areas as they are identified. SANE will be supported by the TAC through the adaptive management process that will allow flexibility to identify practical solutions based on sound science.

The SANE members came together voluntarily as an independent, foresighted, and hardworking group of ranchers with a common goal to create, and be a part of a better decision-making process for conservation in their backyard. SANE reached out and local land management agencies responded to the call for science-based planning. SANE will continue to work on refining threat assessments and perfecting effective actions that minimize or remove risks to the sagebrush ecosystem using local monitoring results. Future success will be based on ongoing development, implementation, and monitoring the local-based actions that address specific objectives and verified threats.


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